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water cross is passed and grass drags are starting we all are buying our clutch kits.
when you get home and put it in and the first cold day you take the sled for a short drag you set everything like they said and it did that the rpms were just right and it pulled hard.
this winter the first day of riding there is no base to the trails and its just nice lose snow powder to blast threw, except now the sled is a dog at wide open its 300rpm low and no go mid range on up. what gives.
when you make clutch changes do them on hard pack. but when you go off trail your track is spinning in the powder. this is shifting the clutches up in speed and your track increases speed until it starts to rob power then it starts to back shift. and it is constantly shifting up and down real fast. faster than the engine can fully recover. thats why for trail performance i like to clutch to the high end of the rpm range ie(under the hood it might say 8500 +/- 200) so for starters i go for 86-8700 and see how that goes and bring it down in small steps until it starts pulling too hard.

kits are cheaper if you are not a do it your selfer. but if you like to do it your self with some help from a speed shop or a dealer or go to a race and at the end ask a team for some advice. if they are not to big for there shorts they should have the kidness for some words. all you need is some edjucated guesses and you can by the parts a lot cheaper.
heck if a buddy has the same brand but different size try there parts and that is free.

nothing goes like three holes!!!!!!!
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