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ok i have a firend who has a 93 arctic cat wildcat 700 efi and i was wondering is there something that keeps he battery charged like a magneto type deal or what. because all of a sudden we have gone through 2 brand new batterty. the first one he tried charding with a regular charger so we thought we wrecked that one. so i took my smart trick charger down for him to charge the 2nd brand new one. we got it charged and thought we had it but we stuck it in the snowmobile and it ran for about 3 hours and then it started dying on use because of the battery. then we would have to turn the key off for about 3 minutes and then we could start it up and it would go for about 500 ft then stop. luckily we made it home. so is there something wrong with the snowmobile that could be making it drain the battery down right away or is there any type of charger on the snowmobile that acts like a generator .

thanks for all help
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