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ok so wheres the snow?

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OK, OK so ive heard about all of these snow storms and crap. So people please tell me where there is some rydeable snow??? And how much........
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Well there is very little here. just enough to have fun on the wheeler, thata aobut it. LET IT SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yeah, where is the rideable snow? I mean, we got SOME here in N.W. Central MN, but i think i got gyped! we only got about 1/2 of what Minneapolis got, I am pissed! but, i guess it is JUST ENUF to ride on about twice...

It's not fair to give only a tiny bit, weatherman, gotta have more now!
hey man dont complain beggers cant be choosie right???
Here in Minnesota we got like 9 inches......just barely enough to ride last night. Put the first 10 miles on my new sled!!! YES!!!!

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Eastern Washington and North Idaho are getting a load of snow right now. Up to 2 ft. by tonight. All the trails and lodges should be open this week-end.

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WHAAAAHH!sob cry no snow here

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Central Minnesota near St. Cloud, about 15 inches. This heavy wet snow makes a good base when it hardens.
45 minutes west of mineapolis received 30"!It set a new record! nice fluffy powder

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this sucks,, ive got a terrible itch to get the xlt sp on some serious snow, and we have none, zip nadda! damn i ordered a new coat and helmet and i wont need the s.o.b cause we have NO DAMN SNOW!!!!! screw it im gonna trailer to minneapolis/st.paul area hear they got some of what i desire!
Thier snow is comming our way. BUT I am sure it will not still be frozen when it reaches me.

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