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OK this may be fun, Biggest POS ya ever had?

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I can't remenber the year but it had to be like mid maybe early 70's AC cheetah. My dad bought it for me when I was a kid and it was such POS when we went sledding he made me leave it at home! Home was the only place he'd let me ride it! I was like 8 and I'd go around and around the property till it broke down.

I need spellcheck!
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i truly feel for you snorider, thats why im thinking of starting a support group for snowmobiliers who have had bad childhood expiriences that are still bothering them to this day.........LOL
I think being forced to ride a cat traumetized me as a child and left me scared for life!!! LOL!

I need spellcheck!
Ok, I have no idea what it was but it was OLD. It was yellow so I'm thinking Bombardier. It was one of those single front ski, double wide track with reverse and had no handle bars but two levers to control the speed and direction of each track independantly. I was pretty young when I saw it but the ski patrol used to use it to tow injured skiers in a toboggan. Strangest sled I've ever seen anyway.

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Two '94 Indy XLT SKS

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I've had a few Cats 1 Yamaha and 1 Doo.
The 1990 Formula MX was my least favorite, It handled about like a friends Scorpian Stinger I road back in the 70s. Too much weight too high up on the sled. The skiis liked to leave the ground quite often, and it was'nt from the awesome power of the Rotax 463!!!!! LOL

I forgot her name?

When I was younger 12 -13, I had a Moto ski snow-jet no real suspension hard to turn Ugly blue. That was not the worst part. The engine was seized when i got it but I had a 399 TNT engine. I shoved into it, The drive clutch was cracked so if you went to fast the fingers would get stuck out, then they had to be pryed back into position, the pull cord recoil was also junk so had to wrap the clutch to start, and to top it off I couldn't afford the new fuel pump so I used a primer ball set up from the boat tank. Too much squeeze flooded too little starved it.
If you know the sled and engine you know you also were soaked in fuel from the carb when it ran. God what a nightmare It could of killed me. I had more fun though on that lame thing than I think I ever had. I still love to sled just in style and comfort now. I guess this is why every 2yrs. time for a new one

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I use to have a 72 Mercury 440 MAX Talk about junk. That thing sucked. No seat, so i sat on the tunel. Pretty comfortable. Broken hood, no windshield. Ran good though. Kinda miss it. i think that you always miss your first sled, no matter what it was or looked like.

Need some darn snow people.
1974 motoski 400 grand sport
bad evrything!It ran good at WOT only!
TWO ugly nasty carbs to tune.
I love EFI!!!

91 polaris indy 650rxl
SKRPLYR23 I had a mercury also hard machine to ride.

"Meaningless Ride"
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