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OKOK here we go again!!!

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the same dealer told me he has 2 02 xc500 sp for 4699.... ! should i be more into that or the pro-x??? they are both really awesome deals.

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hey if i were you i would go for the xc 700 unless it isent in the edge chassis, Then i would go for the xc 500 the egde chassis and the edge rear suspension is the best i have ever ridin
It is an XC 500 or XC 500 Sp? One doesn't have VES. Big diff. If it is an SP that is great. And either the sp or non sp I would take over the Pro X. I hate the whine of a fan.
its an xc 500 sp he said it at in the first post
oh I missed that. That is a good deal. I think anyway. Retail on that sled is $6,349. But I think that is a great deal personally. It will definetally do your prerequisite of 90.

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Is it new or used? If it is a new one that sounds like a great price. I payed 4295 for mine in feb of 2000 and mine is in the Gen II chassis you have to think of that also.

'00' 500 XC SP
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im guna try to get the 02 xc 500sp with the ves! thank you guys, i just hope he still has one for that price.

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Ok I respect your decision but would you do me a favour... Print this page and put it with your snowmobile stuff. next year around febuary pull the paper out and read this comment ...." I told you so!" LOL. Thats because you didnt listen to a fellow speed freak and go BIG. I am wagering you will be lookin for more power by then.
he doesn't sound like a expert rider. You don't want to slap a not so great rider on a huge sled. Can you say accident waiting to happen? Can always buy a bigger sled later can't reverse it went you wrap too big a sled around a tree.
You guys can call me a sissy if you want, but massive speed just isn't my thing.With the terrain we have around here, I'd take on any of you big baddies with my whiny Pro X fan and keep up or pass you no problem.I know you think I'm talking sh*t, but I've had no problem keeping up and sometimes juking and passing my friends on there 600's, 700's,& 800's.In tight woods and mogully terrain my 440 Pro X fan RULES!(so put that in yer pipe & smoke it!)

Dude, don't freak out.
I am sure it does in that stuff. Where I ride there are 4 terrains. Rough trails, roads, smooth trails, and lakes. 2 out of the 4 we run at some high speeds sometimes. I mean like see an opening and hammer down. the smooth trails we usually just cruise and rough stuff is where you sled would kick our asses. ANd the way we ride and I am sure the right rider could make that thing do it. I rode a 340 liquid with these guys and kept up and passed them easily. On the rough trails anyway. That thing had no suspension but I jumped it and flew it through the crap like it was a champion Sno-Xer
hey steave you have to remember its all about the driver. It all depends on which drive is a better rider also it depends on how hard the drivers are on there sleds. Take for example this year we were comming home from ericks its about 7 miles (never groomed and really rough) well i was on my friends 96 xcr 600 not the fastes in the world and i kept up with Xc 700man so its all about the rider.
and Xtra 10 isn't exactly a race suspension. BELIEVE ME. But I out ran my cousin on his ZR 700 with my lead sled XCR 600 Sp with Xtra 10. He has a worked engine porting pipes and other stuff mine was bone stock. Rider is a big thing.
Thats true.I've seen guys on 800's that should be riding 340's because they don't know how to ride for crap.I guess some people just have more money than brains.
Oh, yeah, but to get back to the topic, the 500 xcsp is an all round excellent machine for beginner and expert alike.
Dude, don't freak out.

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With my 500 XC SP I was able to run neck and neck with tree different 600 triples. The FIII 600 was the easiest to kick around. The two ZRT 600 were a little tougher to keep up with, they were piped and clutched. The only problem I had with them was on the railroad grade, was with them till around 70 or 80. I also road with a 700 XC and had no problem keeping up with him and he has to be the craziest person I know with a sled.

'00' 500 XC SP
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heavy triples don't make great trail runners so no surprise there
<BLOCKQUOTE id=quote><font size=1 face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id=quote>quote:<hr height=1 noshade id=quote>Originally posted by Sled_Dog:

and Xtra 10 isn't exactly a race suspension. BELIEVE ME. But I out ran my cousin on his ZR 700 with my lead sled XCR 600 Sp with Xtra 10. He has a worked engine porting pipes and other stuff mine was bone stock. Rider is a big thing.


The XTRA-10 RACE suspension is a race suspension

I Love B&M Coasters.
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My back agrees it probably is. But on a 550LBs machine believe me it wasn't the best for trail romping.

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err now what about waiting a few more months to buy a sled? do you think they will go down more?? also how long do the warranties last?
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