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old vmax 4 ????

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a buddy of mine has one its a grate shape sled but he broke the crank ... no suprize those things r known fer that lol any way would it be worth buying and puting like and vmax 600 moter in it what would i have to go abouts doing to put a differnt moter in it i bult my viper frome the ground up so i hve exspeince with doing thigs like this. ive just never put a differnt moter in a sled would i run into issues with mounting it in i have a donner sled what do u guys think
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so i sprayed a little starting fluid in her carbs gave her a pull and she fired so i pulled the carbs off cleaned them and it runs grate i feel bad cuz i got a grate sled fer 100 dollers but thats what happens when you dont know any thing about that kind of stuff
NICE!!! You gotta love that. If you plan running the stock pipes...I would just run it. If you are going to go to quads, then still think about opening that monster up and welding the crank.
found out why i got her fer $100 it has a cracked case looks like he tried to use water as coolant witch froze and cracked to block so im going to find a new case and just make it a project sled.
If you need the case repaired and the crank rebuilt we can help you. send me a P.M. or call 847-662-5916
CB Performance Parts
thanx for all the help i will keep you guys updated on the progress
Ive got a 95 V-MAX 4 to sell low miles great shape why rebuild buy this one!!!!
Ok, please take this with a grain of salt....the 750's are not a bomb, they did tend to have crank problems(92 more so the 93 & 94) when you put pipes on them and turn the rpms higher(need to weld the crank) a 800 is bullet proof as long as they are tuned correctly. Go to , you will find what you need. The vmax4 is a great sled, Built one from the ground up last year....don't let the year fool you, they are fast!! and set up correctly and tuned, I would run it againt almost anything.
I have a 94 vmax4 750 she runs an all but it doesn't seem to have power and suggestions thanks ?
Hello, my name is "OneEye'd Randy. Just now read these 2008 post re: V-Max 4's.

Today is April 21st. 2023.

Had the distinct honor of owning an original 1992 first model year they were made. WOW.
First test ride was at Diamond Lake Resort
in the Southern Oregon Cascade Mountains
near Crater Lake Nat.Park.
300 PERFECTLY Groomed Trail System thanks to 0.S.S.A and ALL the clubs !
D.Lake was a Yamaha dealer. Should have NEVER pulled that rope... let alone pin it until I saw God,
then figured I best back off a wee bit !!

HAD TO GET ONE... period.
Found one finally.
A used '92 on consignment at a Cottage Grove, Oregon dealership.
$3600/ very low miles/mint condition.


Our pristine WinterTime riding is
fast lake/fast trail/ climbing 8,600 ft. high Mt.Bailey which backdrops D.Lake.
Ok... M10 rear suspension. Quad AAENS.
Simmons Skis. Carbide candy up front...
and bunches of Carbide poke-ee jewelry on the new 136" X 1-1/2" Camoplast condom that wrapped around that cushy M-10 rear
suspension. When kinda/sorta done for the time being... LET'S GO RIDING BOYS/GIRLS !

WOT = 4mpg... fine with that... go for a Picnic ride with Yoggy&Boo-Boo. = 10mpg.
Still fine by me. Going long, long... take some with ya... going need it.
WHAT'S THIS ? Leftside/ Rightside Crank
community misunderstandings. AKA slipped. Darn. That's why God made Mr. PAT HAUCK & HAUCK POWERSPORTS !

Talked to thee V- Max GURU himself ... he had questions... I answered them. Pat was
making an engine recipe for that sled and that mixed bag of riding in that location for those elevations. Complex ya might say.

Thanks to Pat, D.Lakes Tecnician, my Friend
Davey, and another kid hearted man whom I never knew was a "tuner tech" guy, my Friend Mr. Grumauldi.
"Leave the sled and the key OneEye"..
we'll tweak/tune/jet this/jet that/hogout aid box/ upgrade ignition voodoo/ride it ....repeat. Thanks to all these minds coming together... Pat Hauck on th phone,
this helix/ this that spring/ this drive sprocket or that on... ETC. OK, ride it again,
report back to Pat...ETC.

One night I get a call at my home, which is outside of Roseburg, Oregon... it's my guys at Diamond Lake... " COME GET THIS DAMN THING !

I was there by first light with 92 octane
Non Eth. Premium,
Yamalube and riding gear ! INSANE.

Total expenses came to $14.000.

Would I do it again ?!? ABSOLUTELY.

Now... I HAVE TO. :cry: Raised out in the
country, 4 generations of what many would say was the perfect childhood...until about
2018ish. Living in my home that Grandpa Ralph and Granny built in the late 40's-early 50's, with my Fiancee and Son who had just moved back to the " HomePlace" to live out his DREAM of being back to his ROOTS,
and build Custom Homes with his Dad...
all was wonderful ! I was 58 ish then and lived happily in my home for the last 12-13 yrs and my Gal had been there with me over 10 yrs... a heartless, hateful, stepdad and vindictive halfsister decided we three must go.

First legal round = VICTORY.

Second UNEXPECTED attempt... same pig but different color of lipstick this time AND now they dragged my Gal into the damn mud puddle by name... who had ZERO to do with ANYTHING = lost due to n
Legal Counsel. RESULTS...
3 people made homeless / "parents move into OUR home while theirs sits EMPTY.

PLUS a Sheriff auction where EVERYTHING
I owned was sold off or hauled off.

My sled that was EVERYTHING to me was the very first thing they STOLE and gleefully sold weeks earlier on Craigslist. 😥

Were all fine, camping out and moving on.

My Gal had to attend that Ayction held at OUR HOME to BUY BACK her OWN sled, and HER OWN
BRAND NEW Husky riding mower, but never got back HER OWN Honda 350 Quad.

I'm sorry for writing a NOVEL, but reading
these post became emotional and brought back feelings... good and bad, yet drove me to write some of this down to share with other sled freaks like us... I've NEVER before
shared this openly and publicly. It's just material stuff... what's REALLY important in Life... NO ONE can Auction off !
Ok... my point... if anyone knows where I can find a 1992 Vmax 4...
Please let me know.

OneEye'd Randy.

Thank you so much.
Only a fellow sledder would understand.
Sorry to impose.

Life STILL, and ALWAYS will be AWESOME !
[email protected]


God Bless All and God Bless the USA.
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Ok, well that's one heck of a story.
Good luck "one eye". Sounds like you need it!
Ok, well that's one heck of a story.
Good luck "one eye". Sounds like you need it!
Ok, well that's one heck of a story.
Good luck "one eye". Sounds like you need it!
Thanks Steve for your kind reply and taking time out of your day to read all that.
There is so much more to it, hard to condense.
From first trying the "restraining order" approach
multiple times...ALL DENIED... to then trying
the "Theft of Timber" approach... that didn't
work either... Judge had them figured out by then.

Round #2 required "Judge Shopping " on their part.

ALSO a new type of R.O...
"Elderly With Disabilities Abuse Prevention Act" !?!?

Aimed primarily at Care Facilities , it has so many
gray areas that I could probably nail YOU with some ridiculous claim of "abuse" !

Add unethical Lawyers and the right Judge
who wants to clear-out his Docket EVERY DAY...
and a falsely accused, innocent Defendant with no Legal Counsel and doesn't know what a
"Summary Judgement" is all about =

Were all good Steve. A person doesn't see it
coming/expect it from their OWN !

A blacksheep I admit... however it is America.
Were allowed to be who we are.
Life will toss a few "curve balls" now and then.

Your a rider, you get it.

You've been there on that BEAUTIFUL,
SUNNY day that God made and Gave to US...
BUT He forgot one thing... the words to
define that EPIC Day to non-sledders that have NEVER BEEN THERE like we have Steve !

Any who knows me or knows ANY AVID SLEDDER...
realizes what that sno-machine-thingy we are
ALWAYS shining/towing/sitting on/putting this thing or that thing on it/starting it up
just to hear it/smell it/stare at it... ETC.ETC,
ALL THE TIME / 24/7/365 FOR LIFE... it must be pretty darn special to its owner !

I've NEVER taken a newby for a ride that didn't
become hopelessly/helplessly ADDICTED !

Before that epic day
most of them thought that LOVE was the most powerful EMOTION... wrong.

The two main cullprits, heartless stepdad and
vindictive half-sister
COULD NOT WAIT to sell my prized
1992 Vmax 750-Four !

Steve, I've NEVER given them one single reaction.

You and I sleep GREAT at night, Steve...
bet there is a BUNCH of their kind that don't !

Hope the extra $$ from all this is worth thee
ALLOUT DESTRUCTION of what was, at least
once upon a time,
( when the elders were still with us)
considered thee PERFECT All American Family !

It is not going to be easy to find another
1992 modei 750-Four that mint condition.

Could use some help guys.

Thank you so very much.

OneEye'd Randy

[email protected]


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