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in the summer you really reealize how much you like this sport. its fun to see people that you bump into on the trails and talk about all the remember whens, and what about when you did that thing with your sled. man we are a goofy bunch of I love it on nice weedends to go out by myself on the local trails and just play. stop and talk with all the people at the gas stations see were they are from how much fun they are having. run into people on the trails and talk trade a few stories swap some tips. when we got that fifteen inches in march i met a new guy moved up to north branch i asked how the trail was that way it was rough he asked if he could follow me the other way. man we had a blast it was 35 degrees sunny fresh snow. i put on 70 miles that afternoon and made another sled buddy. its fun when you go on trips last year was my first time to the up we stayed in houghton. sometimes we complained that the groomers werent going but when you got the resteraunts or bars and listened to the other people there adventures it was fun. on the lake one day met a guy from st cloud he had a 2001 twin wanted a long track i had the 144 by 2 on my xcr at that time so i told him to ride it for a while see if he liked the track never even got his name.
see i am not always

nothing goes like three holes!!!!!!!
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