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the farm has a 98red sportsman500ebs with only 1300 miles on it but most of them are from low range. its a nice riding machine. does a lot of work. i want to put the knobby tires on it they are lighter and less agressive than the stock ones. the stock ones you get stuck so fast if you spin because they just dig.
my brother has the same machine but green. it has 6000 miles on it. he has tried a bunch of the xt tire kits. they help in some areas but in the deeep mud you just get that much more stuck.
our cousin has a cat 454 its a nice machine the stock tires are kinda bald but he could spin and jump around rocking the machine threw the mud and hardly got stuck. the tires wouldnt dig, now he put on some big bear claws now its like our machine you have to watch how you spin.
our cousin inlaw has an old suzuki 230 4by4 with 15speeds and bald tires he can go threw swampy water mud better than the big machines. in the muck he can walk it past the stock sportsman because it is lite and doesnt dig down its pretty funny.

nothing goes like three holes!!!!!!!
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