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so planning on bringing my old girl to a reputable shop as I'm having an issue with her but figured I would ask here first.
I did read through a few of the old threads but didn't find anything that matched my symptoms.
so what i have is a 1993 xlt 580 sp with slp triple pipes its a snow check model with a factory electric fuel gauge and reveres plus an upgraded sway bar and 7.5 inch wide plastic skis, it has a new top end and re-gasketed, clutches set up for the pipes and rebuilt last year, and jetted for the pipes
my issue is only when i go beyond 3/4 throttle doesn't matter if I'm rolling @ 60mph or start off the line as soon as i go beyond 3/4 throttle it bogs and falls on her face, bring it back down below 3/4 and runs like a top. put over 500 miles on it this February this way as it rides and will hit over 80 with 3/4 throttle on a groomed trail plugs are a nice coco brown fires in 3 pulls cold and a jab warm
ive poured over this machine to try and find my issue with no avail I'm hoping some old head here has messed with these sleds back in the day can give me a direction to follow. i love riding around on the old Polaris wedge chassis so yea i know its old but its a runner View attachment 533193
RULE Number 1: DO NOT (repeat) DO not run sled wide open on stand. IF track comes apart or clutch shatters , they will be picking pieces up pieces of you in the next county!!!!
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