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Paint Job

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I am thinking about giving my sled a nice custom paint job. I was thinkin of buying a 1/4 quart of dupont ghost paint from a local auto shop that doesnt need it anymore... its that paint that changes colors as you look at different angles..... i would like flamess from that paint and then a nice shiny red base under it

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I hear that paint is incredibly expensive. That would look cool.

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I looked in to it for my sled. $900 would be better spent elsewhere. But it looks real cool.
a guy here had his whole ZR 440 hood painted in that chrome illusion paint. Looked really cool, but I don't think it's worth the huge amount of cash that it costs.

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that type of paint is a multiple coat process,very time consuming, and not very cost effective. i guess if you could do it yourself, it would be a little less costly, cause it wouldnt take much paint to do that to a sled hood. i saw that on a artic cat mountain cat at haydays in mn, its sweet!!!! but i like my black saphire on my xlt, so no painting for me
that paint job would be sweet but unless you are going to be racing or showing your sled in any way i don't think that it would be worth the money.
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