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Hey everyone,
I have a 1998 pantera 580 EFI with a blown motor, got the sled off a family member, they stripped it of the motor and efi components, it is a 2 up sled with a good track and overall in good shape, I have a 1997 zrt800 that needs a track and other various things, I was gonna pull the motor out of the zrt and put in the pantera, as far as fabrication I have all the tools and know how to do so, my question to the pros is how close of a bolt pattern are they, and also where should I look to get the proper clutching to match the two together. i am also open to any opinions or advice to go along with this project! once I get started on this next weekend I will post pictures of it as I go as well. ;) i wanted to have something unique and fun, its not to often you see an older 2 up that sounds and runs like this one Should!! :lol8::gerg:

thanks in advance for any help guys!
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