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Performance Upgrade Sugesstions

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I'm looking to add pipes, clutch kit and jet my 01 800 xc. Any suggestions on manufactures. I'm familiar with Hot Seat Performance, but has any one used PSI? I appreciate any help. Thanks
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what about erlandson, i know some people that have used them, goto and see what they have to offer
in my humble opinon Hot Seat is the best and erlandson is second. I dunno about PSI, but they can't be bad either.

I'd say go with HSP though.

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sorry polaris-man, i always forget about hot seat, i agree they have great service and know their sh*&, thanks for the reminder, oh and by the way, if anyone orders an erlandson catalog, be careful, i think the postal service hates them, all i got was the outside cover, but i got the new hsp on its way
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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