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Pics of my sled

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finally got some pics of my sled on here, a 1999 Powder Special 600 EFI LE

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Nice sled, I wish I had something like that when I was 16!!!!

Nice sled. I have always liked the way the hood looks on that sled over the newer ones that look like a bull with it's nostrils flaired when it is coming at you.

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i got into snowmobiles pretty much myself by riding my dad's 1974 panther. Then i decided i wanted to update, i had to buy it myself, a 93 EXT 550 a couple years ago for $1600. I wanted another update so that one didnt lose its value, found a good deal on this one, bought it. All my own money, my dad will pay for gas and some repairs on it. I work for him for $6/hour, thats wherei get my money from

Think Snow...hell...might as well think lots of snow!
That's a pretty sweet lookin machine.

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Man, I love that cool green racing stripe Cat used in 99.I have some friends with a pair of ZL's with the groovy green stripe.Very nice machine!
Nice, you have a LE version of the 600 how do you like it? Very capable sled, I have a couple of friends that have them.
Real nice. Im a polaris person (this year). and my son hasent seen the light . hes goin nuts over urs. I think its the

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man.....i really wish i could tell u how it is...drivin around in the field by the dealer doesnt give u much of an WANT SOME SNOW....ya....i like that stripe on the front too, its pretty do ur friends like theirs 2000TCMC?

Think Snow...hell...might as well think lots of snow!
Very Very nice sled....I love how those look!!!

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nice sled, very slick

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just tryin to get this up at the beggining of the forum again so more ppl will look and i dont have to repost

Think Snow...hell...might as well think lots of snow!
Whoops I guess I never posted to this one. Very tight looking sled. I really like the green accents rather than those full blown green A/Cs. The orange screen kit is pretty unique too. Enjoy your ride man!

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nice sled man. Bet that thing floats over powder

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