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Well, it's been almost a year, the factory warranty is almost up :( and now I've got the itch to mod it - REAL BAD!

I've ordered the V-Force Delta 3's (will post how that install goes), but figure if I'm now going to "inhale deeper" I've also got to be able to "exhale more." As such, I'm considering pipes, but straight answers to pipes for this SOB seem hard to find. Speedwerx, or Hot Seat, depending on which name they decide on these days, had pipes that claimed 16hp, but they stopped making them "for now," as "the DPM seems to make the pipes 'ify.' The pipes work great in one sled, but suck in another." This from one of their salesman at Hay-"daze."

PSI and Dyno-port each seem to have pipes, both around 10hp, which I've been looking at.

Does anyone have pipes, or know someone on this forum who has pipes, installed on this bad-boy? I'm looking for someone's 2 cents on this one, before making the actual plunge. Ideally, I'm looking more for low-end grunt, then actual top-end "lake racing," so a single pipe vs. a twin set wouldn't be out of the question - if the specs looked right.

'02 MXZx 800 RER

rm -f /bin/laden
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