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Hi guys. I am in the process of a completely rebuilding a 92 500 sp efi. I'm checking out new pistons and was wondering what some thought were on aftermarket parts? Also, I was thinking about polishing the ports. Any thoughts to this would be appreciated.

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My thoughts on aftermarket pistons and such are kind of negative, with OEM parts, you can get OEM service. Example: My 1996 XCR 440 SP. Rebuilt engine, got aftermarket pistons, piston skirt broke after 70 miles, attempted warranty, got laughed at. Rebuilt again using Polaris parts, sent wrong rings, chewed up my cylinders, asked for warranty, got new bearings, pistons, rings and cylinders, free.

I'd say go with OEM for the above purposes. As for polishing the ports, nothing wrong with doing that, can be pricy though.

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