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PLease, i really need Help With my XLT Polaris

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Hi! First, Sorry for my bad english im a french Canadian :)...

I have just bought a used Sled. Its a Polaris XLT Limited 1998 my just 3000 Miles. The first Owner had put a Clutch Kit on It. Well, the performance was good between 0 to 50 mph but after, i need a very very long distance to reach 80mph (i can reach 85 mph with wind behind me). But my friend, with is POLARIS XLT 1994, stock, have a very good acceleration at low and high speed and reach 95 very easily far in front of me. Well i decided to put back the original kit and made it stock. But now, the acceleration at low speed is poor and i don't have more top speed. The acceleration at high speed is a little better but my friend is again in front of me.

I was thinking it was a good deal with this snowmobile but im very disappointed with the performance. It is Normal ??? It is normal that a Stock 1994 XLT is very better than mine??? Can i make some adjustement???? Its not me that put back the original clutch kit, its was at the garage. Maybe they don'T have make the good adjustement??? What top speed i should reach???

Thanks guys for reading me
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Maybe some of the clutch part are worn out of some of them are dirty. Take a look and see if there are any loose parts or excessive wear anywhere.

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Hi erick. Well im not good in mechanical. The job have been done by my Polaris Shop. They never said to me that i have some dirt or something like that.
Aside from the loss of topend power, does the sled generally run well. Does it idle smoothly, and seem to operate smoothly, or does it run rough? Might need to clean the carbs, jets, etc. Also make sure the throttles and chokes are syncronized as well.
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Hi! Yes, the snowmobile run very fine and run idle perfectly. Do you know the top speed im supposed to reach??
Not 100% sure on this but I'd have to say you should be pushing 100mph plus or minus 10mph or so.
k well, i have a problem cuz i reach 85mph with Difficulty. I can reach 100mph even with a XTRA 12 suspension???

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Again, I won't be my life on it, but I would think some where close to that. I've got a 97 XLT SP with the Xtra 12 and I'm right in that ballpark. If the sled seems to be operating smoothly, then check up on what erik was suggesting about some clutch parts being worn or dirty.
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K thx, last question , With stock clutch kit, i reach 8000 rpm. It is too low or its okay???
Hello fortress, Paulxlt here, I own a 1995 XLT Special and I can get 8700 RPMs at a top speed clocked at 103mph on a snow-packed runway. The RPM's you get are a bit low, as for the top speed, I must ask if you or your friend have studs. They can add up to 4-5 mph at high speed. My Special is a bit doggy at low end but around 5600 she comes alive and I need to hang on for dear life. I have 96 Woody's trailgrabbers in a 1'' track.

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Hi, Well we dont have stud, we are stock. I think i really have a problem. But your special have 38mm Carb i think. Maybe its where you take the extra power
check the carbs(if runs smooth probly not it but worth the check),check compression ,check your belt,and check the clutches could be a number of things but that is where i would start.later rpm
That machine's RPM's should be maxing out at around 8300. By the sounds of it it's working really hard to get speed, which leads me to believe your secondary clutch is not shifting properly. You should check the helix and spring.

Also, do you know if the previous owner had changed the gearing? That's all I can think of for now...

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Is the Helix the same thing we call the CAM???? The job have been done by a polaris shop. I think they should tell me if i have problem with my sled but they don't say nothing about my stock spring. The first owner don't have change a piece in the chaincase
I'm not a polaris rider but i would say you need a different wieght combination in your primary clutch maybee some polaris riders can give you baseline #"s and the correct spring to about it polaris fans? I would also run a muti angle helix in the secondary.Maybe a thinner head gasket like i said i dont know my xlts can he run a smaller gasket or is he already maxed out on squish?Pipes?now you should have no problems with your buddies sled!

Well my 'non-stock' '94s will do roughly 90mph indicated. We run 2" 136X15 tracks on them and they are triple piped. We have never been able to 'race' / compare them to anything but each other. Both my brother and I weigh about the same (~ 150 lb) and we will run half mile within one sled length difference if that.

I don't think 100mph is what you should shoot for, moreso the sluggishness to that speed.

Do you weigh like 350 lbs or something?
Just kidding. hope you work it out.

Oh another thought:

You are running premium or regular fuel?

I think.... therefore I sled
Two '94 Indy XLT SKS

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I had a 1994 xlt 580 it did 98 mph all stock and it got there quickly. If playing with the clutch and carbs does not work check the compression on the cylinders, although it does sound like the clutch set ups.

Stop what you are doing, don't mess with anything, and get your clutch replaced or serviced, that is your problem.

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a friend of mine was haveing the same troubles with his 93 indy 500, his polaris dealer found worn parts in the PRIMARY clutch, and i am not sure about the secondary, but i agree, get that clutch checked out.
Don't buy a new clutch! That's insane.

You should set it up stock, get the bushings and rollers replaced. Make sure there is nothing worn down to the the point of damaging something. I don't know the stock setup for that machine, but someone here might

what we need to know is

Primary Spring
Secondary Spring

Gear Ratio

Then it can be verified.

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