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plug fouling on mag side help!!!!!!

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i have a 1994 formula z 583 rave that has a plug fouling on the mag side only. it has been to two dealers the following has been done.floats ajusted &needels check&set,carbs cleaned,compression check 130lbs both cyd.,primer check ok,pressure tested for oil seal leak ok,scoped in cyd ok,new wires&caps,hotter plugs,exhaust check ok.after all this it is still fouling out the dealer seems to think it could be the rings .please help with any other ideas????????????
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Well assuming that your dealers are competent carb rebuilders, i would have to move on to an intermittent ignition problem. Rings are either bad or their not, and your compression test tells me that they are ok. On the other hand if you have an intermittant ignition problem at certain RPM's or certain temperatures i dont care how hot of a plug you run, it will foul out if it doesnt get the electricity to spark. That is where i would turn. Either a CDI box goin bad, or possibly a coil, or the wires inbetween.

Polaris is my way out - Other people just use a door.
No one should tell you you need new rings if the compression is equal at 130psi. least of all a dealer. I would never trust them again and Iwould wonder if they've done unnecessary work for you in the past. Those sort of things make me so angry , I would call the better bussines bureau or I would call one of those shows that set up phoney problems to expose people trying to rip off the customer. anyways, assuming the work you listed is done right then I agree with T.O.U....... For a way out there guess, what if the thermostat was stuck open(if it has one) would that keep that cyl. too cool
thanks guys i will give the cheaper of the two a try
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