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Poker Runs

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So what is everyones thoughts on clubs haveing poker runs. Our club has one every year. I personally think that they are a blast. I found that the trick is to get an early start and try to keep allthe drunks that you are rideing with from sitting in one bar to long.
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They have poker runs around here every year too.I've never gone because I wasn't registered & insured.Maybe I'll try it this year.
I've only been on one poker run but it was quite fun. I enjoyed it because you ride sled all day and you can come out of it with a pretty nice chunk of change if you play your cards right.

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We have poker runs in my area every two weeks. 6 or 7 stops total. Lots of nice sleds, and lots of fun.
I like to start early just to avoid more night time driving. I've gone numerous times, but have never won any prizes.
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I did a poker run once but it wasn't on a sled, it was in a Cessna. Had to fly to 7 different airports to get your 7 card hand (nothing wild). That was a blast but as I recall, didn't win anything. Didn't need to.

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I have only been on one poker run and it was a blast, 210 miles each way. It's called the Trek over the Top it is put on by the Tok Trailblazers & the Dawson Chamber of commerce (I think) You take the Taylor highway from Tok to Dawson. 1st Prize is $1000 I know cause I won last year. It's great to go on a ride gamble and have a good time in Dawson and then get a check that covers all your expenses when you get home.
Our club has a poker run every year, with 5 check points. It's a big money raiser for the club and the winners of the best card hands. After the run we have a cookout, and pot luck dinner. It really brings everyone together, not just club members but we hope they will join.
I entered my first Poker Run last year, and won first place and $500!
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