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Polaris 440 or Arctic Cat 340

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I can get a 93 [red]polaris[/red] 440 LC with hand thumb warmers, gauges and this sled has 8700 miles on it, with $250 cash on the side

Or i can keep my old sled an 94' [red][green]Arctic CAt[/green][/red] puma 340 with no hand warmers no gauges no money,

I can trade the puma for the 440 polaris and get $250 cash on the side or keep the puma.

I know they are both crappy sleds but witch one should I get i do alot of ditch bangging and jumps and stupid stuff but i also want a good trail sled. Basically i need a sled that wount fall apart!!

Your help would be great in choosing which one to get thanks.
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Both good sleds. If you want handwarmers on the puma you can buy aftermarket ones pretty cheap. Gages also.

I find it odd someone wants to trade you an older higher CC sled AND give you 250$... maybe there is something not right about the polaris that you don't know.
Seems fishy to me. Both sleds being in equal condition, I'd take the 440. There's no replacement for displacement. I think the Polaris' of that vintage were great sleds, you don't get to be #1 in sales for no reason. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't those fairly dark days for A/C reliability.
I had a 92 XCR 440 which is basically the same setup except for fox shocks and a few other minor things. These sleds are bullet proof and take a beating, I sold mine for 1200 bucks about 5 or so years ago. Definitely take the 440.
Take the 440 Darcy
I do not think the AC is a bad machine, but I think the Polaris is a better all around machine.
take the polaris i had one, was two years of fun without much for involved.
you all no my response already.....440... cant beat a mid 90's standard wedge!!! specialy when its got a 440!!!!!!
The polaris will be alot better sled for you.
yep thats what i was thinking but after riding the arctic cat for many years and riding the polaris also, the thing i hate is the ****ty suspension on the polaris, the cat could take jumps and abuse like it was brand new. Do you think i could switch the shocks from the puma 340 to the indy 440.

Thanks for your advise..[/font=Comic Sans MS]
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