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Hey everyone! I'm having so many troubles with my new to me polaris (2014 indy 550 voyageur). It wasn't running great so I cleaned the carbs about a week ago (it was my first time doing it). After that it ran really well on short trips for a couple of days.
Then, I took it for a slightly longer ride (about half an hour), and at the end of it was surging forward slightly at idle with very high rpms. The next day the throttle cable was frozen and the machine wouldn't start. I took a hairdryer and warmed up where the throttle goes into the carbs and it started moving again. I cleaned the spark plugs because it had flooded and it started fine. It was running okay again, though this time it was a very low idle. Once it was warm and I went to stop the machine it was seriously surging forward at idle again and a lot of dirty exhaust. When I next went to stop it it went racing forward at idle and I had to kill it with the clutch (the electrics don't work, so no kill switch) to stop the machine.

I'm guessing the problem is with the throttle cable, and if it was frozen there must have been water in there, though it hasn't refrozen since. I also wonder if I accidentally messed up one of the idle screws when cleaning the carbs. I had moved one slightly and put it back to where I thought it was. It's weird though, because it was running well for a bit after I cleaned them, and the problem seems to be when the machine is warm. So I'm thinking it may not have to do with the idle setting on the carbs? It runs well at higher rpms.

Other things that may or may not be useful info:
-the left spark plug is getting very carbonated, but the right one is fine. Only the right spark plug got enough fuel on it that it stopped working when the engine flooded.
-It occassionally backfires, though it didn't at all on the last ride.
-Before I cleaned the carbs it would start right away cold, but I would have to pull a couple of times to start it hot. After cleaning the carbs it started right away always. After using it a couple times it still starts well when hot, but I have to pull about 4 times to start it when cold.

This is a lot of info, but there's a lot of things happening and I'm not sure what might be important. Thank you so much if you have any advice!
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