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Polaris Clutches

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My drive clutch is shot on polaris indy 500 1997 looks like someone tried to build up the shaft and machine it at one time. 4000 miles on machine. Ther is a small crack on the outer body part where the belt rides (the moving side.) butons are worn, weights are good. Bushings (both) are worn. Shouls I try to salvage and rebuild this clutch or get a whole new one ??$$$$. anyone know a less expensive alternative? My shop says a Artic Cat one will fit right on. Is it worth saving some bucks on a Cat one or a Comet? Would all this Loose/Worn clutch contribute to a hard heavy engagement (@4500rpm) and not letting it rev up until I get rolling? Or could this just be the spring?? (Gold) What would happen if I cleaned it up, new buttons, new rollers, new bushings, and put a blue spring in? also if this small crack gets worse could it cause serious damage other than wrecking belt.
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First of all, I would never ever put another brand of clutch on my sled. That is just my opinion though.

If your clutch sheave is breaking, you should replace it, just think, it's spins at 8000 RPM. Imagine what would happen if a big chunk of metal breaks off going that fast.

I don't know if you can just buy those, if you can, that's what I'd do. I'd also just rebuild. Way cheaper than buying a new clutch.

If I remember correctly an Indy 500 has 10-M-B or 10-M weights with a gold spring. Everyone here runs stock weights with a blue spring, that seems to work quite well.

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Spud.....find someone who has a spare "POLARIS" clutch and get it rebuilt. Just did mine. Got it from a old guy who put electric start on his and transferred his into mine or visa versa. I had already ordered a Comet and it was going to be here in the morning but alll my buddies phoned around instead and found me this one. No probs, now. That's how much they didn't want to see me put a comet on mine. Just preferrance but find a Polaris. Mark
If the outside sheave is cracked I would stop using it right now. It could fly apart any time and could be a very dangerous thing to have on your sled. If you can't find a polaris clutch the comet will work just fine you can even use the same weights and spring that the polaris does.
Just a reminder don't use a defective clutch much to dangerous.

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I'm confused as to how you would save money on a Cat clutch. Some do switch to those as a preferred secondary, but that's not a common application for an Indy 500.
If you're planning on keeping the sled for awhile, I'd probably try to rebuild your Polaris clutch with Polaris parts. Might cost more, but clutches are pretty important.

It sounds like the clutch was previously damaged and with a number of different problems I would replace the entire clutch with a new Polaris clutch. It might be a waist of money replacing some parts just to find out that others break in the near future.

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