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Polaris concept sled

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I saw this on another forum, thought others might want to take a look at it. I don't know how real it is, but it might start some good discussions.
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Interesting. I wonder if something will actually come of it.

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Very interesting indeed. Do these people have any true ties to Polaris?

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I really like the way that looks....hopefully polaris is listening?

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That's a pretty sweet looking ride!
That thing looks pretty sweet.

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I don;t like the look really. Looks really Redline like and the headlights look like a cross of the RX1 and Viper. From the side anyway. ANyone ride watercraft? they claimed to have designed the present Indy 340 and a watercraft called the Hurricane for Polaris.
That looks cool.Technology is a crazy thing.

Dude, don't freak out.
I'll try and find out tonight if there is any truth in it.
that thing is awesome. Still got trailing arms (sort of), not going with the trends. Finally someone wants to make a tube frame. I'd take one if it made it to production.

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doesn't the blade have a square tubed frame?
I don't think so. The only one I've seen is on the Redline. I think tubes look better, more motocrosse.

"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups"
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I remember when I spent a while looking at the Blade the dealer made it a point to point out the tube frame that he said was hand welded. If you see one you can see the frame from the outside at the running boards where it connects to the tunnel.
[navy]I believe its real. I heard something about an NXR earlier this year. I new polaris was gonna surprise us![/font=Century Gothic][/navy]

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See less See more it looks like a normal tunnel. It's definately not full tube construction.

"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups"
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IO didn't mean a full tube chassis but see the red tubes along side the tunnel. Square stock but they are the frame. Though I understand that concept is a full tube frame like a motorcycle.

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What have I been saying for how long now? Do NOT doubt Polaris. They always seem to come back, even if it takes a while, they come back stronger than anyone else out there....

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I am sure if it is real which I pretty well believe it is we won't see it in 2003. I mean I think we would see it on the race circuit for some testing first. Like the Firecat or the REV.
On the other forum that I found this at, no one knew if it is real. Some people did bring up the idea that someone just used the Redline as a starting point and drew it up. But, did anyone else notice the direct drive on the the illustration drawings. Also, the trailing arms have a bend to them. It would make me think about going back to Polaris.
from what my one source tells me its not for real but i will know for sure in a couple of days
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