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polaris indy or arctic cat wildcat

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I'm going to purchase a used sled this week. I am trying to decide on a '90 indy 650 triple or a 93 wildcat 700 efi. Which one would I like the best? Is a triple cylinder better than a double? Anyone know the specs on these? thanks for any info
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well let me just say that i am partial to the triple's but the efi on the A/C is also a very handy option. The triples usually run smoother than the twins which means less vibration. Triples are usually faster than twins when you get into the upper RPM's and twins usually have more torque off the line. I guess what i would look at is the mileadge and see what condition the tracks are in. And also see if you can determine how hard each sled was ridden. If it looks like it has been ridden very hard its entire life the stay away from it, if it looks to be in good condition ask if you can check compression on the cylinders. If these all check out ok its time to decide on which brand you prefer or which one looks better to you. Personally i would say go for the Polaris, but like i said im a "little" partial.
INDY INDY INDY INDY... You get the picture. I dont care too much for ACs EFI system, even if they are one of the best. I dont really like the way they have so many wires and computers and junk under the hood. It seems to beg for problems. Then again, many people have them and love them. Id agree with Triumph about looking at the use and what could need replacing. Stuff sure aint cheap!

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EFI can be good and bad. On the good side you wont need to mess with the carbs jetting when it warms up or gets real cold. On the bad side, I believe the year arctic cat you are looking at has a battery. your EFI will run off this battery. If you dont keep the battery in good condition or if it fails on you, your EFI doesnt work right = SLED doesnt run right. I personally perfer non efi because they make an engine much easier to fix. I would Personally buy the Polaris, but I am also biased. However If given a choice between an EFI Polaris Vs. a Plain AC i would buy the AC to stay away from EFI. It all depends also on where you ride. EFI is nice in the mountains but not as beneficial here in MN where there is little elevation change. If this is your first sled I may look for a 440 or 500. They are lighter and can be just a quick out of the hole as a 650 or 700... You can also get around jetting changes on a non efi sled using Dial a Jet or similar product...Just My Opinion

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