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Email for info and prices:

I have one complete 1991 RXL 650 Triple EFI, that runs good will sell complete, Im looking to sell out right for 650.00

but two weeks from now, ill part out, it runs,runs great, has a newly rebuilt engine, but needs drive train work Mostly piecing back together. All parts are in good working order, some of the more common ones are :

The EFI computer,
The polaris front Suspension parts (may fit other models and years)
One rear skid that will fit a regular Indy has all good bearings and good hyfax (may fit other models and years)
One rear skid for the 1991 RXL all good bearings needs hyfax
Throttle Bodies (may fit other models and years)
Throttle Positioning Sensor

Two skis
I also have brand new Carbides

Tail Light

Nose Cone, no cracks, great paint
Hood: Great decals and paint, no cracks or deep gouges
Front bumper: square and no dents minor chips
Head light shroud,
instrument gauges
Instrument Panel,

Gas tank
Gas tank cap and gauge
Key swtich
Electrical parts

Two complete exhausts:
No rust, One has a dent

Two Complete Engines,
The one in the sled has brand new rings and pistons on a professional rebuild
one has a busted crank but all other parts of engines are good
2 water pumps,
2 magnetos,
2 primary clutches both good
2 secondary clutches both good
1 good windshield (may fit other models and years)
2 flywheels
belt guards,
engine mounts

Oil tank
oil pump

Seat... starting to rip but the foam is good, will sell cheap

Coolant reservoir

Exhaust manifolds,
master cylinder,
Chain case
Handle Bars

Also have a bunch of other misc. I am sure i forgot some
parts just ask and ill let you know the price and if i have it!

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