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With all my motor mount issues and so on. I just bent my crankshaft in my proX.

I now have 2.5X almost 3x into the sled than I paid for it 2 months (500miles) ago. Thats with a few accessories, maintenance and repair.

(second guessing my proX purchase)

Going to pickup a used motor with 70miles on it from a wrecked sled tommorow.
New motor mounts are in at end of week. and My SLP torque arm and push arm are here too.

I am going to break down and buy a new belt.

And I am looking at purchasing a nice expensive clutch alignment tool.

Does anyone know which one to get for the proX with team secondary

Is it the 12 inch or 11.5 inch
who makes the best one
who makes an affordable one.
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