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just put a new/used low miles clutch on my ultra couple weeks ago and had a local guy take the old spring/weights out of the stock clutch and put in the new one, clean clutches up etc.. anyway couple rides later the spring is now broke, not sure if it was just old age or if he maybe didnt assemble it right? (any ideas why it may have broke?)
figured id just go grab a new spring from the local poo dealer and put it in and try it. the sled/single pipe/clutching etc is stock. came stock with dark blue spring which is discontinued now and is being replaced with blue/white which is 120-310 and they didnt have any on hand, would have had to wait and order it, next stiffest one was a black/white which is 140-320 and they had that on hand so i picked one up knowing i can bring it back if i need to, so my question is what kind of a difference is this going to make on the sled? it used to engage at about 4100, how much do you think that will go up and what other difference should i expect?
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