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Poll: Edge XLT what you think?

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Here is the question. Do you think Polaris should bring back the XLT on the edge chassis?

Personally I think if they make a good lightweight triple engine and drop it on the Edge Chassis it would kick ass! Opinions?
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It would probably do alright.

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They won't. If you want one so bad, grab the chassis and an XLT engine and make it fit.

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I know they won't wish they would. And doing that would prolly cost too much.
i think that would be awesome if they brought the xlt or triumph back in the edge chassis. if they did i would certainly buy one, but i dought they will.
It would be nice but I don’t see any of the makers going back to a triple. There are rumors that Yamaha could be making a big bore twin and the fate of Artic Cats 1000cc triple is in doubt and could be going away with more rumors about a 900 twin.

I think that Erick is right if you want one make one. Check with the insurance company’s claims adjusters, they total snowmachines all the time and you can get good deals on them.

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What about the engine of an XCR700/800 with power valves and single pipe in an Edge Chassis!!!!

I would really consider it!!! 75% chance I would buy one...

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If they put the triple in the edge chassis, i would be the first one standing in line to buy one. But the only problem is, is that they will not be doing this. They (triples) lost thier popularity supposedly. I can see this going in cycles...once people get tired of twins they may come back with a triple, but very doubtful. I got the last machine Polaris built with the 600 triple and i plan to keep it till it dies. Then i'll fix it and run till she dies again, and again and

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[red]I was lucky enough to get a new 2000 Indy Triumph with the baby triple and it is one hell of a fun sled. That 600cc triple is a quick engine but it sucks the gas down. I was only able to ride about 90 miles on a tank of gas. (11.2 gallons) Let me know how other baby triple owners do on gas. Pray for snow.[/red]
Sled Dog, now your talking! That would be a triple I would consider.

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Why not??? That's be ahoot!!!! I see alot of guys around me popping XCR's and throwing XLT's in them. That's all I ride is XLT's and with the edge under one...I'd never shut it off. Ride safe and keep the rubber side down
Triumph, I don't know about them coming back to triples, why bother with the extra wieght, twins are much lighter, and there being more mountain riders, the less need for triples, though I'm not saying triples are bad climbers, it's just, twins are better climbers, lighter so they are easier to throw around, and of course the large weight advantage over most triples, you get one of those stuck bad, it's not going to be fun getting them out. But if your trail rider for power, triples are the way to go, my dad has a beefed up 96 xlt special, billet heads, triple pipes, of course it does have a 700 kit in it, that'll beat any sled, but a 1000cc Thundercat or higher, not even 800s have a chance against it. So to sum it up out of my rambling mess, Triples = extreme power, normal mountain climbing abilities/good powder riding abilities, excellent trail riding, and heavier than Twins = Power, awesome mountain/powder riding, excellent trail riding abilities on most, much lighter than triples, it all depends on your style of riding, I think anyways.

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I agree with TriumphoverU, in that I believe twins and triples go in cycles. Four or so yrs ago triples were the rage, then back to twins. Now Yamaha has the new Viper thats turning everyones heads, maybe leading back to a triple craze. I hear they're coming out with a new SRX on Jan 16th.

Anyways, as to the original question of an XLT in an edge chassis...why not, I think it would be a great concept and would fly of the dealers floors, especially if triples were popular again.
Well, I at least hope that they would put the XCR 800 in the EDGE, as for a baby triple, it is very unlikely, but who knows? If the engines go in and out of trends, we might see one, but in an even better chassis. Dont count the chicken eggs yet, you never know if all manufacturers are going to be enforced to go to 4-Strokes.

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<BLOCKQUOTE id=quote><font size=1 face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id=quote>quote:<hr height=1 noshade id=quote>Originally posted by chackett10:

[red]I was only able to ride about 90 miles on a tank of gas. (11.2 gallons) Let me know how other baby triple owners do on gas. Pray for snow.[/red]


Weird. I ride a 95 XLT Special, and I'm usually the last guy in the group to run out of gas. I'm able to get between 115 and 130 miles out of my tank. Seems like you are sucking down the gas, but perhaps mine is just good on gas. I dunno....
mnelson/chackett you may also have speedos/odometers that are drastically different, not to mention track spinage or loose powder. Too many factors to think of really.

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Two '94 Indy XLT SKS

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OK my real concept here was just the XCR 800 engine bored to a 600 instead of the 800 single piped and in teh edge chassis. I just said XLT cause it was a triple signle pipe trail machine.
I always thought it was silly to do away with the triple completely. especially for polaris they have so many sleds that I'm sure it would be good fit somewhere especially for you lake racers. They are nice for cruisin' the trails too.

yeah they should bring it back. They could create their own little niche market along with Yammi on triples

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my 93 xlt 580 triple, did very well as to the gas/oil debate. i went about 40 miles and only used 1/4 tank, as for oil, i put over 100 miles on that day and only used not quite half a quart. i had 2 friends on their new 600 cross country cats, and they didnt fair as well, we all rode hard that day, so it wasnt a matter of who was on the throttle more, and for triple was right on their tails, didnt have a chance to drag them to see who was best, we all have our opinions on that, so we wont go there. i love my triple, as for weight, its just as heavy as a twin, even the new cats. i dont notice the weight. but an XLT on an EDGE chasis.....I'M ALL FOR IT!
but im never buying a polaris again unless it new and better then a skidoo and there is little to non of that
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