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Post your JET Settings if you know!

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Hi all, I'm mostly interested in the XLTs (go figure) but we should get a list of all the stuff out there that we know about. Here's a template:

Sled: 94 XLT
Motor: 583
Pipes: Yes
Clutch Kit: No
Altitue Range: 5000 - 9000
Carbs: VMSS34
Main Jets: 160
Idle Jets: 35
Needle Position: Middle

Might be useful to others trying to dial it in or just general setup.

So if you know... Post away!


I think.... therefore I sled
Two '94 Indy XLT SKS

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Sled: 2000 Indy Triumph (XLT in disguise)
Motor: 597 cc triple
Pipes: Stock
Clutch Kit: No
Altitude Range: Sea Level
Carbs: TM38 (3 of them)
Main Jets: 350
Needle Position: #2 slot
Idle (pilot) jets: ????

Polaris is my way out - Other people just use a door.
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sled:96 vmax xt
engine:59? head gasket mod
Clutches:Green-Pink-Green primary spring, with a 17.5 steel in the inner hole and a 13.5 steel in the outer. Secondary is stock.
Carbs:38mm dial-a-jet
main jets:150 Jn clips at 2
pilot jets:52.5
Altitude:near sea level

This is an excellent idea! It's the only place I've seen it suggested. Hopefully it'll come in handy for guys like me who want to get an initial setup for the evironment they operate in. Anyway here's mine.

Sled: 95 Summit
Motor: 583
Pipes: Stock
Clutch Kit: No
Altitude Range: 2700-6000
Carbs: VM38
Main Jets: 280
Needle jet: 480-p6
Idle Jets: 55
Needle Position: 3 (middle)
Misc: HAC is junk and it's not going back in!

I'm stiil trying to set up my carbs sans HAC. If anybody sees a mismatch with my settings vs altitude...PLEASE point it out!

This can be a useful tool, so let see wh

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Sled: 92 440 XCR
Motor: 440 (bored out to 452cc)
Pipes: No
Clutch Kit: No
Altitue Range: 1000-3000
Carbs: VM38
Main Jets: 280
Idle Jets: I dunno.
Needle Position: Ditto
It's not an XLT but here are the

Sled: 01 ZL 800
Motor: 785
Pipes: No
Clutch Kit: No
Altitue Range: Sea Level
Carbs: TM38s
Main Jets: 430
Reeds: Delta II V Force
Breather: D&D Power Breather
Silencer: MBRP Trail
Studs: 192
Coupling Kit for skid

Leaned out the mains to 410s, but after installing the Power Breather had to go back to stock 430s

2001 ZL800
Delta IIs
Power Breather

Creek beds don't make good brakes!

MBRP Silencer
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my 87 A/C jag with f/c 440 comes stock with,34mm, mukini carb a 25 pilot jet and a 300 main, and the needle in the center position, it seem way rich but that is the stock setup, ive just had the sled a short while enough to ride it once, ive already looked at the chart and decided to drop to a 285 main, this should be a better setup for my alltuide"below 5000 ft" and a good tempature range 10 - 35 deg F usally is the temp when i ride, also this may still a bit rich, but time and time again i say a bit to the rich side is not a bad thing.

if its not a CAT, then it must be a dog!
Sled: 94 XLT SP
Motor: 583 with shaved heads
Pipes: Yes
Clutch Kit:well stuff ive odne on my own like shaved weights springs, helix
Altitue Range: 1052
Carbs: VMSS34
Main Jets: 220
Idle Jets: dont know
Needle Position: Middle

Ride Polaris!
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sled: 1993 POLARIS XLT SP
motor: 580 cc-liquid cooled
pipes: no
clutching: stock
dry weight: 471 lbs
height: 38.5"
lenght w/ skis: 106.25"
snow bearing area: 1058.5(
width: 43.5"
engine model: ec58pl-01
cylinders: 3
displacement: 579cc.
bore/stroke: 64x60mm.
carbs: vm34ss (3) slide
plugs: champ, or ngk
gap: .7mm.
track width: 15"
track length: 121"
main jet&type: 200 hex
pilot jet: 35
air screw adjustment: 1.0 turn
jet needle "e" clip pos. 6dp17-3
needle jets: q-2(166)
throttle valve cutaway: 2.0
throttle valve spring p/n : 3130439
valve seat: 1.5mm.
idle rpm: 1800

heres everything on a stock 93 xlt........enjoy. oh yeah triumph, your sled is the xlt undercover
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Keep 'em coming fellas. If you know. It's all good stuff. I was only more interested in XLTs but you can be assured everyone's sled numbers are important to someone else.

Thanks for the replies. This can be copied to erick's FAQ eventually right?

I think.... therefore I sled
Two '94 Indy XLT SKS
Just thought I'd move this topic back to the top to keep the info coming.

sled 96 xcr 600
engine 597
main jet 260
pilot 35
single pipe
0-2000 feet
clutch kit no
new 1 inch staggered paddle track
otherwise stock
beats new 600 twins!!and sends them home to grow another cylinder***
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sled- 2002 Polaris Pro X
motor-high performance 440 fan cooled
carbs- VM34AL
main jets-260/250
pilot jet- 40
needle/clip position-clip in top groove
[email protected] 2000ft
still a little fumey, but runs awesome.

Dude, don't freak out.
Sled: 1998 XCR 440 SP
Motor: 439cc
Exhaust: Single pipe, VES
Clutch Kit: I got my own clutching
Altitue Range: I have no idea
Carbs: VMSS34
Main Jets: 330
Idle Jets: 55
Needle Position: Middle
Air Screw: 1.0 turns

I Love B&M Coasters.
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<BLOCKQUOTE id=quote><font size=1 face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id=quote>quote:<hr height=1 noshade id=quote>Originally posted by Polaris-Man:

Altitue Range: I have no idea

I Love B&M Coasters.[/quote]

I do believe that we are around 750-1000 ft.

Trees don't make the greatest brakes...
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