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Went riding at Hatcher's Pass, Alaska wednesday. We took some pictures that I'll have to get posted on my site. We also took some Mpegs. Not big air, but I'm pretty new to riding snowmachines. It's not quite like jumping my Polaris Scrambler.

Jumping the SuperSport

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Nice vidios man. That place looks like a hell of a place to ride! Me very envious!!!

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this sucks. i hate this damn weather. were never getting snow. i live in wisconsin, were suppose to have snow, but no, it rains, its 50 degrees out and there is no snow. the three days we actually had snow i worked on 2 of the days then on the third day i got in a wreck, what a bunch of b.s..... well i would pay lots of money to have those conditions here, but it isnt happening. im selling my sled and buying a jet ski. well probably not, but i should.

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Yeah I would pay the price of a new sled to have plenty of snow here.....

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For quality posting to the internet, i reccomend either DiVX or windows media 7 or 8. Framerates look real crappy under about 20fps, and use a bitrate of around 300-700kbps. Also, resise to 320x240, that works good.

I posted my latest video, check out "crazy video" in the cool stuff forum.

Nice videos Scrambler....I ride up in AK too, I'm not there now though, I am at college right now out of state
.......I ride up in Hatchers pass sometimes, also at petersville road ridin out there. Anyways, later, nice cool vids!

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haha i live artic's post, that fits minnesota very well too, what a year to start sledn huh! o well. i would love to live in alaska or just visit sometime..
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