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Press the brake, lights go off

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What should I do to test out what is wrong with my sled. I press on the brake and the lights go off. Additionally, when I hit some bumps, the light will flicker every once and awhile. I am thinking a loose connection. Any ideas.


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I think you have a bare spot on a power wire going back under the seat to the brake light. Probably been rubbing somewhere agaist some metal and now its worn through the insulation.

You probably hit that right on the nose, I just remembered my seat has been moving around alot lately. I forgot to put a screw back in and never got around to it. I bet that is the prob. Thnx

I would say you have a bad ground or as said earlier, a bare spot on the power wire. if you dont find anything bare wires look for a bad ground. It wouldnt surprise me to see that all your lights are grounding through the tail-light, because they lost their original ground. So now they are backfeeding through the tail light, and as soon as you hit the brakes, it cant backfeed anymore so it goes out. Just thought i would give you another possibility to look for.

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Its problably a shorted out wire from the seat like they said. Mine did the same exact thing. It was right at the front of the seat.

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Wow. I just looked last night. I havent had a chance to look under the seat. But I did notice I cracked my brake light. So, the plot unfolds. I will update when I find out what is the problem.
it's a short, not a bad ground. Get you ohm-meter and check the brake wiring.

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I had a bolt missing on the front of my seat, thus it moved around. Never thought nothing of it. Well. Where the seat connecter is there was a bit of extra wire. It was sitting on the edge of the wood base of the seat. Wore right through on one side. And when it rubbed the wrong way ground out my brakes. Thus when I apply brakes, not lights

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