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pro 5 pipes

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Hey guys hows it going. I am still looking for all the info on these pipes I can get. I bought a used set for my xcr 600 and can't seem to bring my rpm's below 9500 at full throttle now. Is this normal or am I going to wreck my motor. The guy gave me 10mr weights with the pipes but they didn't seen to help much. Any help on clutching and jetting would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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If you are at wide open throttle and the secondary clutch is fully open then you need to do something with your final drive in the chain case. Go to a taller gear set so to speak a smaller drive gear and larger driven gear. If the secondary is not opening all the way you need to set the spring tension on the clutch a little lower this will basically do the same thing as the gear swap. When does your primary clutch engage at what RPM? And is the engagement RPM the same as it used to be or is it higher or lower. As far as the jetting have you checked the plugs after a wide open throttle pass and if so what colour are they ? Light tan is what you want if they are looking white then you are running too lean. And need to upsize your jets. Oh yeah as far as the rpm range being too high there should be a sticker under the hood with this info on it if not ask your dealer for the spec. Good luck and let me know what happens.
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Call em up at (218)463-2149 and ask for a setup.

Loud Pipes Save Lives

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Try switching to 10MB weights and a blue spring. they should be about 49.5 grams. That should bring your RPMs down to 8000 to 8250. If you have the 38 mm carbs you should have 280 Main Jets.
Let us know what works.

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