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Problems with antifreeze in cylinders Polaris edge 600

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Hi guys,
i have a 2001 Polaris Edge X 600. It is mildly modded, has a Aaen Single pipe, vforce reeds, ported and polished cylinders, slp intake and a billet head. It has 4200 miles and has always ran great. I was riding it Friday and noticed it wasn't running as good as normal( wouldn't reach peak rpm) and it was smoking more than normal. I was out in the middle of no where so I drove it as far as I could and got to a trail, by the time I got there I was only running on one cylinder and leaked out all of the antifreeze. It looked like it was leaking out of the base gasket on the clutch side so I ripped the motor down and that cylinder was clean so I thought for sure the base gasket blew one that side. I put all new gaskets on it and it still leaks BAD!! I had it running for maybe 20 seconds and by the time I shut it down the coolant tank was empty and there was enough antifreeze in the pipe to fill a tall boy... Does anyone have any idea of what could cause this?? Or did I just not put the gaskets on good enough? Thanks for the help!
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it should take antifreeze when you start engine and pump it through the engine and coolant lines, thus your tank going down. is it still leaking out of the side of the engine as before or just into the pipe? may have had antifreeze in crankcase from original failure that was pushed out into your pipe when you started it !
It still looks as if it's leaking out the side of the cylinders as well. But it's just drops so I'm not completely sure. I should've cleaned the engine bay up more because it's still pretty dirty and there is antifreeze everywhere from before so it's hard to tell. Do you think I should try and start it again as see if it pukes more antifreeze out the exhaust?
I would. top off the antifreeze and let it idle up to temp. but first clean up as much antifreeze as possible including removing and dumping pipe and silencer.
Sorry for taking so long, but I topped off the antifreeze and marked it with a marker and I re tightened/torqued all of the bolts and the coolant bottle still dropped like a inch or 2. I cleaned everything up and there isn't any noticeable external leaks that I can see. The clutch cylinder seems to be fine(light brown dry plug) but the mag side is soaked... When I put the gaskets on I didn't use any sealant so I don't know if that could cause these problems. But there wasn't any fluid in the pipe when I shut if off but there is still some getting into that cylinder... Any suggestions?
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