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Why does'nt everyone enter a more complete profile?
You don't have have to give out full names or contact info but geographic location and basic info might be nice.
It would eliminate some confusion I've seen in some other topics.

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People don't like to enter in a lot of info, I hate doing it myself when I quickly sign up for something. When peopl become more "hardcore" members like yourself, they usually go back and complete most of thier profile.

Plus I think people have been scared into not giving out any info on the net.....personally I think if someone wants to know something about you that they are going to find it out no matter if you give out the info or not, so why be worried about it?

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what intendedacceleration said is right, lotsa people are freaked about putting even their name on the 'net. Personally I put everything on there.

"Might Be Crazy But I Ain't Dumb" - Cooter
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I just put a few things that say a little bit about your personality, it can't hurt anything............then the general area of the country or state your in, nothing too specific, but enough for an impression.
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