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Project Suspension Change!

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If anyone is familiar with my previous posts on this forum, then you know about my track problems with my 91 Polaris Indy Lite 340. Yes I see the 116inch track on manufacturers supply, and 116inch is what i need but that track doesnt specify the drive pitch, or anything just 116>... Well im not to jumpy to buy a track from the net that doesnt give the specifics and fork out 350 for a new peice of rubber. So i think my choices have been widdled down to sellin the sled, or moving suspension. I have NO reason to believe that if i can get a 121 inch track with correct drive pitch and correct width that will go over my slides easily for a used price that i shouldnt go with the latter choice. When I mean move suspension, i mean unbolting it, making some very very careful mathematical computations, various tests and try to drop the suspension a tiny bit down... and the remainder of the space towards the back of the tunnel. I will more than likely have to cut back of tunnel off for room, but welding new suspension brackets for the rear is no problem for me.

PLEASE TELL me your thoughts, ideas, and all brainstormings before i perform this monstrous task of engineering!

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most mafg of tracks dont specify drive pitch, dennis kirk lists a track for a 92 indy lite, but the only specs are length, width, and lug height, so i dont think id worry so much about pitch, ive never seen a spec on that, whats polaris want for a new one???? if all else fails, go there.
If I were you I would sell the machine and get something with a more standard setup. If you want to go with a smaller sled go with a 400 indy they are a lot faster than most people think. I had an 86 that would go about 100mph or so. That is just my thoughts on your situation.
Well i dont know if this helps or not but the magazine lists this track at 2.52" x 46 =116. 15" wide...(part number kxo4846) and even if this isnt the same drive pitch, all that would you would be required to change on your snowmobile to adapt to the new track would be the drive sprokets. And since you have to pull the drive shaft out of the sled anyways, changing the sprokets wouldn't be very difficult.

Just a thought, hope this helps

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