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Here my last ride report, there are some pretty good shots...with sun the pics are so much betters (R)

Enjoy....[lurker] [drif]

Yesterday, Krikri and I started our ride more souther in St-Jean de Matha near the golf club. We took the #349 trail to St-Damien. It's season's beginning conditions,

North from St-Damien, we took the #345 trail in Réal Massé direction. Trail condition improved but still beginning...

passed Pourvoirie St-Damien, the trail make a strech on the pourvoirie road that is open longer than usual but it ride very nicely

A little farther , it's winter conditions

Very good, 10/10

North from Real Massé, just before the #350 junction, the trail have been moved and pass directly on the mountain in place than around it. Good hill on each side, I love it.

We switched on #350 to La Glacière, perfect...

After a real quick lunch, we took the #63 trail in Mt-Tremblant park direction

Many trees are frosted and give nice scenery

We decided to go on the wolf mountain. The dozer had tried to groom but went back because it was not frozen enought. We passed anyway and slowly got on the top

They also call it the square lake mountain...easy to figure out why...

And we continued on the #63 trail

Very nice scenery...

here in the shade of the mountain all was frosted...

And here in the sun that goes down too fast...

When we reached the park, we switched south to go to Coin Lavigne. The new trail #33 is not groomed yet, heard that excavators just been out few days ago...

Here the deers that look at us during we fueled up there

Took back the park in reverse direction to go to St-Michel. Conditions good and fast

Just have to be careful because curves tend to wash out as usual here

nice and fast

from park gate we took the #318 to St-Michel. Many of you already know but reminder for those who may don't heard about it, yes the Rouge-Mattawin relai called "the cantine" is unfortunately closed for the winter so you have to preview fuel according to this..

Here trail condition was less good, acceptable but some dirt tend to mix with the snow and the rock base is very near on some spots. Need more snow to improve it..

From St-Michel village, we continued on the #318 in cabanon direction. We're back in winter conditions. The big hills near the village are pretty nice, here in one of the hills

Too late for more pics. From Cabanon we took the #345 that is still very nice and keep the same morning's trail to get back to our starting point. Just south from pourvoirie St-Damien we crossed the groomer that was making a real good job in smoothing the trail and improved condition pretty weel from the morning.

Here the approximative ride path from my spot device

To conclude, the cold and the grooming job have really improved trail condition in the north from what it was last week and it was winter condition unless the Rouge-Mattawin/St-Michel #318 trail that need snow but still very acceptable, more north is even better.

More souther areas like St-Jean de Matha and St-Gabriel will need more snow to give really good conditions. I keep my fingers crossed to have more snow to enlarge our playground on the south side soon...


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