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alright guys, need some advice here, let me know what ya think.

Im in the process of rebuilding the Motor in my John Deere Liquifire, now this is a rather opinonated answer so i dont expect to see a "right" or a "wrong" answer, just some suggestions. Now for the question.

Im using a silicone gasket to seal the crank case with, but do i put the silicone on the crank seals also or leave them dry?

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This summer we put to getther 2 engines that were split, and we used silicone for a gasket, but we never put silicone on the cranks seals, it s not needed because when u get im in there they're in there pretty good.
just my $.02

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I would vote No. Even if you use a oil compatabe silicone it is difficult to clean off the surfce next rebuild. Even worse if something goes wrong and you end up splitting the block again before completion.

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Even better than silicone for the crankcase is Yamabond-4. That is what is reccomended for assembly of the crankcase. I leave the seals dry.
i guess in my opion, and from an automotive point of view, i would say you shouldnt have to put sealant on your crank seals. like it was mentioned before, it would be a mess if you ever tore it done again to remove the sealant,
No sealant on the crank seals...and I second RXLRIDER...Yamabond is great stuff.

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