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Questions for all you A/C fans

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ok, i confess, i was looking at the A/C site today and i noticed something a little strange. the ZL 500 claims to have 97 estimated HP while the ZL 550 claims to have only 80. this was on ZL not the "Z" which is fan cooled. why the heck is that? is it a typo?

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The 550 is liquid cooled, mostly used in 2 up sleds.(with the exception of the ZL550ESR) which is considered a solo touring sled.
I believe that the 550 makes more torque at lower Rs, better for touring.

The ZL 500 has case reed induction and variable exhaust,while the 550 is a piston port sucker.The price kinda reflects which one is cooler, the 500 is almost $700 more.
why would A/C do that? how big is the torque difference? just seems weird to me that they'd have the completly different set-ups on fairly similar i wrong?

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It may be that the 550 is an older design, and the 500 is newer with more efficency.

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