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Quick low end torque inputs?

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Does anyone know of a quick, inexpensive way to get some low end torque out of my '10 800XCSP?

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you can always re-gear the chaincase, but you'll loose top speed...

Not sure what you call inexpensive (or at least worth the money) but you can get a trail performance clutch kit for around $150 - $170 or so.

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There isn't really a cheap or expensive way. WEll there is it is called a Big Bore Kit but that is expensive. Pipes help on top and mid. A Torque single pipe may be good. Keeps plenty of back pressure for good torque but doesn't do much else through the power band. Clutch kit will just make better use of the power prolly won't help a lot though I would recomend installing one anyway. BUt if you pipe/remain stock there are different kits. Higher compression heads may help a bit. See the problem with aftermarkets is they never ever talk in Torque. Torque is freaking important but they only ever mention HorsePower never torque gains. The only thing I have ever seen was a D&D single pipe for the ZR 600 that says it is a Torque pipe but doesn't say how much you gain.
You need more torque out of that machine?! That thing should have plenty of torqe already. Hmm, try clutching. Make the engagment speed higher. Thats where I would start out with, the clutches.

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