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Quieting exhaust, how to do it???

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I have triple DG pipes on a 91 rxl. They aren't deafening loud, but i am from wisconsin and there is law i think against these. The pipes do give off a nice high pitched sound. Anyway first i am wondering if anyone can give me information about the actual law in wisconsin. And I have heard that you can stuff regular insulation into the pipes to muffle the sound. is this correct? Are there performacne losses????
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We have that law in New York too but the sleds with the loud pipes are usually faster then the sleds the cops ride ;)

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I heard about those laws. That Sux!!! I thought I read somewhere that if you are not noticibly louder that stock or too high on the decibel meter then the cops will leave you alone. But if your worried I've been looking to get a set of pipes for my 91 rxl...

I need spellcheck!
Sorry they are not for sale... They definately added some horses under the hood though. I guess i will just have to wait and see...
You should be able to repack the silencers on them, you can get a kit to do it from any motocross or snowmobile aftermarket catalog. The laws in WI are really strict. I was told by a warden that if the pipes seem loud and look aftermarket you will get a fine. I think that is crap. Not sure what the dB limit is though. sorry.
I don't think that they have set a specific DB rating. Anything non stock is a good enough excuse for a ticket.
A $126.00 ticket I believe!
Too many people making too much noise in town and on trails running through private property.

We have a law like that here in MN too. I have triple pipes on my polaris, and I have never been hasseled for them at all. Also at idle my new Cat and my polaris are at about the same sound level from what I can tell. Just trying to say that it takes a trained ear to hear the difference really.

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loud machines make the general public bitch. That is a big reason people hate dirtbikes and fourwheelers, they make lots of noise. At least snowmobiles ride when it is cold and windows are shut. Don't make a reason for another person to dislike sleds.

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I will be testing the limits of the law this winter in Wi. I'll let you all know how it goes. Last year they were extremly strict on exhaust. My buddy was stopped and questoned for a long time because of his STOCK Indy Storm. While waiting, there was a number of sleds that were being loaded on trailers because they had aftermarket exhaust - not loud exhaust, but aftermarket exhaust. Wi DNR says now that you can have aftermarket exhaust, but it must be as quiet, or quieter that stock. And that determination is left up to the conservation officer. There are two laws that can be enforced. One states that a sled bought or sold in Wi after 1975 has to have a dB output of no louder than 78 dB. The other part states that no person can modify an exhaust as to increase the sound level above the level that it was when it was originally manufactured, regardless of the date of manufacure.

If I interpreret this correctly, your sled must be at or below 78dB (at 50 feet) to sell or buy in the state. If you modify the sled, and you increase the noise emissions above what it was at when it was originally manufactured, you are also in violation, even if you were below the 78dB.

So, I have my trusty dB meter, and I am testing ways to lower my sound emissions to be below 78dB. Once I am in compliance - I will be testing the law.

Now don't get me wrong. I feel that we all need to help lower the ear piercing screams from the sleds riding by the cabin at 2am. But, I also don't think that it is right to ruin someones snowmobile trip because of interpation of the law. If sleds have to be below 78dB, then so be it. If you can not replace the original exhaust on your sled, then so be it. We as avid snowmobilers just need to know.
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I agree about the total confusion about laws for snowmobiles. I would rather I just know if it was legal or not. Why do they have to make things so confusing?

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