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RB Clutch Kit

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Anyone try RB Specialties Clutch Kit for a 02 xc700 yet? Could you let me know your thoughts. ie: overall performance of the kit. Thanks
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I have a stock 02' Edge 600 and a buddy has the same thing only clutched and geared, the difference is amazing! When I take mine in for the 250 mile check-up I'm gonna have the same thing done. I don't know exactly what clutch set-up or gears he(our dealer) uses, but I'll try and find out and be sure to let you know.

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I would be interested to know in what the clutching and gearing is on that sled. I have a 2001 XC that I have done a little clutching to, I would like to find out which one is better, than I can report back to you. Thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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