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RC Snowmobile?

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Have you guys seen these remote control 1/4 scale nitro powered snowmobiles yet? They look like a BLAST! Check them out at
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Looks like a blast. Just think Haydays might have a new class to run next year!
Looks cool, I noticed that there are not any prices published. I'll bet they're gonna cost as much as a used full size sled.

Prices? sure, there are prices! On the upper left-hand corner click on "Ordering Page". There are prices for everything, even a RTR version! While not exactly cheap I have spent more on a weekend drinking binge, HIck-staGger.....
I know of at least two Ski hills that have build oval tracks outside the chalet in front of the bar so the patrons can watch/participate in the action! With a low-end motor (1.7hp) these things will go 35mph right out of the box! Who knows how fast it will go with a 3.0hp monster!
Hehe, thats cool! I didn't know anyone made RC sleds.

Beware of landowners wielding snowshovels!
Hmm, maybe those will even work on this stupid little amount of snow we got.

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peteH, binge drink yes, that I know! but were do you get one that your kids can crash while , your out on the trail.I have an 8 year old and a 3 year old, not to mention ME! That would love to buy one!!!! For less than a mini Z.
Yup, I agree with "stupid little amount of snow ", in fact I just got my FIRST snowfall last night - in central Wisconsin!

You can buy them at: -go to the 'Ordering Page' and place your order :) Right now there is only a nitro version but they will be releasing an electric conversion which will be easier for the little ones (or the alcholically impaired ;-). There will be male/female rider figures, upgraded suspension components, etc...........
wow that would be a blast to play with.i'm going to have to have one and see if can get some of my buddies to get them.i can just see some back yard racing with these things.later rpm
I would like to get one of those...Actually i would like to get a normal snowmobile first...

Tree's don't make the greatest brakes...
Yup, it's a blast getting a group of these things together! I think they are trying to get something going with these at Eagle River, should be cool! Does anyone know if the Eagle River deal is televised?
I just have to have one of those......except I see a nice coat or two of arctic green in it's future!

2002 Arctic Cat ZR 800 EFI

founding member of the Arctic Cat Mind Control will believe!!​
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Yup, you have two options for color - the manufacturer has announced that in the future it will release the following colors: green, blue, yellow, purple, clear along with the currently available red. The colored items include: hood, ski's and slides. The second option for color is paint, although it must be a "fuel-proof" paint, many colors are available as well as clear.

I'll take mine in Ski-Doo yellow please :)
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