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Reg Sticker Removal

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Anyone know of any easy ways to removing old registration stickers, without scratching up your cowling?
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very carefully?

take it off the best you can with your hands and fingernails.

then soak a rag in gas, and wipe the gummy stuff off.
then go over with a dry rag to final clean it.
Pour warm water on it and wipe it clean with a rough cotton cloth.

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Heat the sticker with a heat gun of blow drier. Be careful not to get it too hot though, as it will then bond with the finish of the sled....After the stickers are off, use goo gone to take off the sticky crap that is left on there.

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Ah, this makes me glad we use license plates on our sleds. Just rivet them onto the tunnel, convienently right where your foot always is so nobody can see it.

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I use a heat gun to heat them, then pull them off in one long piece if you can. I also use WD-40 to remove the sticker grease. Works great!

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Hey Polaris-Man, are the authorities pretty sticky (no pun intended!) about displaying your plates? I've never been stopped out here. I keep my registration with me, but I don't attach the plate to my sled.
they make stuff just to remove stickers, decals, mouldings, most body shops have this stuff it works great, i usally use it and a heat gun to get stickers off with no problem.
Thanks for all the advice! The stickers are old and dry and crack a lot, I bet the heat will soften them up....I'll give it a shot. Man, I wish we had licence plates instead of those crapy ass reg. stickers.
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