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First off I've gotten some great advice from the forums thank you everyone. I have a 600xc aniversary edition, and was experiencing some intermittent dimming issues. got it to act up and sure enough when it was going dim the indicator liht on the regulator was out. Didn't know at the time that the regulator and the rectifier were separate things, so I took the old one (reg and rect) apart cleaned everything up put it back together and was better but still slightly acting up. so I bought a new regulator from the Polaris dealer part number 2203873. I picked it up last week and it is different than the OEM. That's when I figure out what a rectifier is and that it is indeed separate. The new regulator also has a different connection plug than the original. SO I look down near the old location of the regulator and rectifier and there is an unused plug on the wiring harness that matches the new regulator? Is that what I'm looking for? should it just plug and go. What about the rectifier in the old location on the wring harness? Should I switch the plugs on the New regulator to match the original plug location and mount the new regulator along with the old rectifier?

I'm just thinking outloud now and please correct me, could the wiring harness be universal to many sleds and the different plugs in the harness at the location of the regulator be for the different models (battery or non batter). I'm only speculating because I don't know if sleds that don't have a battery and electric start have to have a rectifier hence the unused plug (non electric start models). I know its job is to convert the AC to DC. anyway I'm babbling pobably wrong but thought I'd relay what's going on between my ears.

Thanks in advance for the help, I hope I'm making sense.
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