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rejetting a polaris

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my buddy bought a 2002 polaris 500 xc sp from canada and it has size 400 jets in it and he only need 350s. we checked the manual and it stated that only a qualified mechanic should work on the carbs. my question is have any of you guys tore into the new carbs on the polaris's? we do all the work on our other sled so we are mechanically inclined.
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Depends on you. I know personally I would tear into them, but I have plenty of experience doing so on other snowmobiles and such. Its up to you, if you take it to a dealer I would say don't go to the one where he got it in case he melts it down with this lower jet size. ;)
we understand that. Polaris always runs 400 main jets. They are a good safe for all elevation jet. And something you have to understand is that setting your jet to a lower number is gonna lean you out and ads a risk of going pop. At really cold temps if you hold it full throttle for a long time you may melt her down. My sled is an XCR 600 with stock triple pipes and we run 340 jets in it. My dad road it full throttle for a long time in -20F weather and never melted down so who knows.
oh shit sorry I said that Polaris always runs 400 mains jets that was wrong! They run 400 jets but the main jet is usually 40! Srry for that. Just mistyped what I meant.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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