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rejetting a polaris

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my buddy bought a 2002 polaris 500 xc sp from canada and it has size 400 jets in it and he only need 350s. we checked the manual and it stated that only a qualified mechanic should work on the carbs. my question is have any of you guys tore into the new carbs on the polaris's? we do all the work on our other sled so we are mechanically inclined.
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Its a peice of cake. You take the float bowl off, and BAMMMMM the main jet is looking right at you. unscrew it, put in the new one. The pilot jet is in a passage about an inch down, and you will need a small flat head to remoce that, and you usually dont have to change te needle valve, just make sure its not sticking. Y are you changing the jets?? Is it running crappy. If it isnt, and its running good, i would think a little before i went to a leaner jet, especially when you are jumping 5 leaner sizes right from the start.

Need some darn snow people.
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