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Removing Stickers

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I recall someone asking about removing/replacing registration and/or trail permit stickers. . . FYI , I took the advice and removed them with a hair dryer and then removed the remaining "sticky stuff" with goo-b-gone. It worked great. The goo-b-gone seemed to work better if you soak a clean rag and hold it in place over the sticky stuff. It became soft after about 10 seconds and then with a little elbow grease, it came right off!
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Goo-gone is petroleum based and will also take some clearcoat and paint with it.

I suggest Sticker-off from Hardline products, works great and is safe.

By the way, it is snowing hard out and we are supposed to get 2 feet!!!

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you can also use isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) it works just as well and wont harm the paint to get the sticky glue residue off.
I mentioned WD-40, it seems to work for me.

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Even the "patroleum based" goo-b-gone didn't harm the paint Maybe because my sled is a '97 and the paint is pretty well cured. For newer sleds or other manufacturers, I would suggest trying a "test" area first. I have tried several patroleum based "road tar" products on my cars and have never had a problem.
Anyway, thanks for your replies!
Happy Holidays to all!
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