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My friend has an 08' Summit 800 with a 163. The drive chain broke and when it did it broke out the bottom of the chaincase. We removed the cover, chain, sprockets, snap rings holding the bearings in, and all the bolts/rivots holding the chaincase in. I thought we would be able to just pull/pry it off but no such luck.

I'm guessing we will have take the lock of by the secondary and tap the shaft through (away from chaincase) until its far enough out that it not in the bearing/case anymore. Then we would have to do the same with the bottom bearing,(loosen brake caliper and tap the bottom one until its not in the bearing anymore. For the bottom one will we have to remove the skid to do this? Or would we be able to get by with just loosening the boggies all the way to relieve some track tension?

Any suggestions or step by step instructions would be greatly appreciated.
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