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research info THANKS

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Thanks so much to those who replied to my request for research. The Blue Ribbon Coalition site will be especially helpful to my paper and presentations!!
Also, if you know where I can get some really great photos of sleds in parks, please let me know.
Thanks Again!!
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hey anne, i had a thought today, they are trying to ban us not only because of the 2-stroke emmissions, but they also say its because of the wild game, land erosion etc. well as i was driving to work, dreaming about snow, i came across a cow pasture, well im sure the bufflo and stuff like that leave paths the eventually start to erode, like on a hillside, maybe the people trying to ban us for that reason should place the blame on the animals and not us sledders, thats one thing i hate, people always wantin to point fingers at us, and not look at the real problems.......damn those sled-haters anyways.
just a thought,
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