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Rev-limiter on a Polaris?????

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Has anyone heard of a rev-limiter on Polaris sleds. I have a 93 Indy 500 EFI that won't rev above 4000 rpm, and backfires both through the intake and exhaust - timing problem??. It is one of 3 EFI Polaris' that I own, so I have worked through all the usual problems. I just picked this sled up a couple of months ago. The previous owner had the engine rebuilt at a Polaris dealer due to a bad crankcase seal. I have all the recipts. The dealer broke the flywheel upon removal (the dealer confirmed this), and replaced it (at the previous owners cost). Here is my delima - I took the sled back to the dealer that serviced it to see if they had installed the correct flywheel, set the timing properly, failed to install the woodruff key for the flywheel, or if the crank had become out of true. After over two patient weeks, the dealer informed me that it was not anything that they had done, but the throttle safety switch was broken. This, they claim, will allow the sled to idle, but will limit the rpm as a safety feature. I thought the safety switch on the throttle was to kill the engine in the event fo a stuck throttle. I may be misinformed, but I'd like to know for sure. $171.00 to replace the switches in the throttle seems a little steep to me, considering a new throttle assembly (aftermarket) costs $35.00, and they charged me near $50.00 for the switches. If anyone can help - let me know.
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You are right, it cuts off the engine if the cable gets stuck or frozen. I wouldn't doubt that the throttle is worn out some place, or broken like they said. D you have a throttle off of a sled that works that you could switch and test before you tell them to put a new one on?

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Test your throttle saftey switch.

The engine should die if it doesn't work properly, it won't just limit the rpm's. A friend of mine has a '95 Indy 500 EFI and his safety switch kills the engine.

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defiently not those switches. They kill it immedietly. Begin by check the timing with a timing light.

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Well, unfortunately I did not have the chance to do any more diagnosis. The dealer that was just supposed to "inspect" the timing problem replaced the switches. I just picked up the sled, and guess what - she runs great. I questioned the service manager about the rev-limiter and asked for a written diagnosis to confirm my suspiscions about an inaccuracy. He proceded to take out the master repair manual and show me that what he thought was a rev-limiter, was in fact a safety switch. After the redness left his face, I asked him how he determined the problem. He said that he tested the switch with a multi tester, and the readings were all over the place. So, I asked if it was a intermintent grounding problem more than a "rev-limiter." He said that he did not learn about that in school?? Only to test the parts and replace them if they are not within specs. Oh yea - I marked the flywheel and magneto position beforehand to see if it was indeed a timing problem. I can't wait to take that cover off and see what the REAL problem was. Lesson learned - if you must use a dealer mechanic, find out how long he has been out of school and actually diagnosing and repairing your brand of sled.
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at the Honda dealer I work at theres a tech there that knows everything since he's gone to honda school. Uhhh nooo. Always try and get the head mechanic or guy with the most experience.

The guy that worked on yours seems to be a true idiot. Replace anything thats not in spec or brand new until it runs

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check your battery. i have an rxl650 and the battery was shot! it had enough jjuice to start but sometimes when i would start it i couldnt get it to rev up and the light was dim and the tach wasnt working either. also if there is air in your gas line it wont idle good. probably not too helpful but thats my 2 cents.
good luck

I could go along with the intermittent grounding of the throttle switch in question especially since you said it backfires a lot. Probably the more it reved, the geater the vibration and this allowed the faulty switch to go on and off at a high rate which would definitely limit your RPM's and cause backfiring.
I've seen the computers go bad on them. It may be possibillty. I believe polaris has a lifetime warranty on the computer. I had one replaced for free.
Actually hotrod, the higher any engine with more than one cylinder revs, the smoother it becmes.
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