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Some pics from my latest trips

here, we stopped off for a rest at a beatiful spot
/polarisman/../images/users/xc700_02/03-02-03 002.jpg
the shack was real nice inside. Named Betula
/polarisman/../images/users/xc700_02/03-02-03 003.jpg
even had all the proper signage[:D]
/polarisman/../images/users/xc700_02/03-02-03 004.jpg
a view from behind the shack
/polarisman/../images/users/xc700_02/03-02-03 007.jpg
This is a pic of a lodge (I think it was called PineRidge Lodge) close to Nudimik Lake
/polarisman/../images/users/xc700_02/03-02-03 010.jpg
couple of pics of the trails leading up to the lodge
/polarisman/../images/users/xc700_02/03-02-03 012.jpg

/polarisman/../images/users/xc700_02/03-02-03 013.jpg
heres a pic of the beautiful 2 lane sledway[:D]in the Whiteshell
/polarisman/../images/users/xc700_02/03-02-03 014.jpg
Pic of my buddy coming up on the trail
/polarisman/../images/users/xc700_02/03-02-03 015.jpg
Heres a pic of me getting stuck in some of the nicest ditch riding I've done
/polarisman/../images/users/xc700_02/03-02-03 016.jpg
A better view so you can see that I atleast made it "almost" all the way through...
/polarisman/../images/users/xc700_02/03-21-03 018.jpg

Trip was 160 miles starting from Lockport to Seddons Corner, then through Seven Sisters (all ditch banging [:p]). Then through the Northern part of the Whiteshell and back. I've never had so much fun riding ditches before. We were hitting every drift and moguls and even circling back to hit some we missed. After this weekend of riding, it brings my total to 1487 miles for the season,[:D] and no sign of it ending anytime soon.

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Looks like an absoulte blast up there. Trails looked great, snow's consistency is great!

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that's just awesome.

The stuck is amazing, I had no idea there was that much snow in manitoba. I'll try to get some nice pics this weekend yet.
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